Four Singles to Rock to

Dion Atlas – “Powerlines”

The San Francisco artist will hit you if you love piano and synth driven by exceptional vocals. He might draw comparisons with Andrew McMahon and Owl City but he is definitely original. His music will endear his art to you. His EP, which many songs have already been released, follows a fictional story of a man struggling to save the world after waking up for a coma. Pretty heady stuff, but we believe Dion Atlas is up to the challenge.

Sleeping Wolf – “Love is the Cure”

This is definitely a song we can get behind. After the horrific attacks in Orlando, the band decided to write this anthemic song, which is free to download, but the band is asking for a donation to the National Compassion Fund as well as the family of Christina Crimme. Very cool support of the band and pretty kick ass tune to boot.

Bringer – “Party Til I’m Dead”

This is a fun rock band in the spirit of The Black Keys and Kings of Leon. Mixed with a little blues for good measure, this song reminds us of a slow dance of yesterday with a bit of a kick into the future. The guitars are gritty and the vocals peak and dip, just like a classic Rolling Stones song. We love this band that released their EP in March in the midst of dozens of high-energy shows. You have to check them out.

King Shelter – “Preoccupy”

This song grabbed my attention quickly with the description of shoegaze as well as similarities to Cage the Elephant. It is a relentless and cheeky tune that I have a hard time thinking of criticism except maybe it is not loud enough. The Orange County band describes themselves as “salad rock” that blends a ton of different genres like grunge, surf rock, and of course, alternative. The lyrics explore the culture of American nightlife and are rather humorous. We are excited to hear more from these guys soon.


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