Seeing Double: Two Tunes from Arms Akimbo

Arms Akimbo are a talented indie rock band that grabbed my attention from first listen.  They have the ability to sound melodic and sweet, yet also get things really pumping.  Our indie rock editor looked at me and said, “they sound like Relient K.”  To me, that was reason to be super excited!  That may not be the case for everyone, but I love the melodic rock style.  It’s not quite pop punk, but definitely a happy, energetic rock sound.

The first track “Michigan” has great streamlined melody lines. It’s fun and contemplative at the same time. I really enjoy the textures that highlight both introspection and thoughtful engagement with the world around you. I don’t always love every indie rock submission, but this style is exactly what I love.

The second one I want to feature is “Little Insensitive” and highlights the guitars in a little different way. The sounds are higher and the rhythms a bit more complicated. The lead vocal is grittier on this one, but still fits nicely with an enjoyable main melody line. The complicated syncopation on the percussion line really gives the song a unique texture. Being someone considered a “Little Insensitive” sometimes, I can relate to the main theme of the song and am thankful for a partner who “gets” me. That’s what this song is all about, so I can connect in many ways. I hope listeners feel the same.

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