Album Review: Adeline Hotel – It’s Alright, Just the Same

ADELINE HOTEL – It’s Alright, Just the Same

Adeline Hotel is Dan Knishkowy’s project based out of New York and the latest album, “It’s Alright, Just The Same” is an eclectic, relaxing exploration of life’s beautifully ordinary moments. The second track, “Near You” is a catchy summertime-drive song, an easy favorite, with a satisfying arc to the arrangement driven by a pulsing piano part and playful guitar licks that fly around your face like long hair in the wind.

“Lay Low”, the third track of the album is a moody reflection featuring an acoustic guitar part that is equal parts warm-like-milky-hot-chocolate and punchy-like-lemon-sourpatch-candies. A kaleidoscopic electric guitar chorus comes in around 1:50 to shade in the chorus. Throughout the track, slightly dissonant harmonies add intrigue. “Magnolia” perfectly named for the graceful white flower with pink edges, is a reflective song as well, accessible but effective in communicating a familiar tale of loneliness.

The final track of the album, “Reciprocal Ages” showcases parallel guitar and piano melodies, soft expressions of nostalgia, the vibe of which is strengthened exponentially by the weeping tones of the pedal steed during instrumental breaks. This song is like receiving a postcard from Paris on a rainy day – the ink is splotched, it smells damp and you just hold it in your hands for a while, thinking about someone far away and your own impending mortality.

A little bit of Wilco, a little bit of Johnny Cash, a little bit your older brother playing songs around the campfire, “It’s Alright, Just the Same” explores themes of distance, time passing and the act of witnessing an unfolding world. Characterized by straightforward, solid guitar playing, tasteful piano and well-organized arrangements, to listen to “It’s Alright, Just the Same” is to ruminate through life’s melancholies while simultaneously looking forward to tomorrow.

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