New Music Friday – Ep.10 – Vote in the poll to decide who wins a full album review

New Music Friday – Ep.10 – Vote in the poll to decide who wins a full album review

Each of these artists has an incredible amount of talent, so let’s give them all a fair listen. After clicking on each one, please vote in the poll posted below. The winner (after one week), will receive a full album review here on EarToTheGround Music. Please share these outstanding artists with your friends, too. Everyone wins!

Jodi Valentin – “What You Desire”
-Jodi Valentin’s sound is powerful pop music. Her vocal is crystal clear. She’s probably not the type of sound you’d expect on a folk blog, but when artistry is this good she deserves a spot on this list. There are colors of soul in the recording. She puts me in mind of Natasha Beddingfield from a few years ago. It’s just a groovy song that will put you in the right mood.

Kynlie – “So Called Friend”
-A good hook is hard to find, but Kynlie’s “So Called Friend” is full of pop goodness! The hook is just so perfect. It’s about lousy friends, really. But it’s also about dealing with the complications of a social life. I just really love the quality of Kynlie’s vocals. It seems like it would be the kind of jam that young ladies on college campuses would put on repeat.

Timothy Jaromir – “Don’t You Honey Me”
-If you’ve ever been in a serious relationship, this song will make you smile and cringe at the same time. It’s a perfect tune, really, with a contested duo that blends together beautifully sometimes but also highlights the conflict in relationships. I love the bluesy flair of the song and the inherent, endearing love of “don’t you honey me.” Sometimes it just feels good to be upset.

Daniel Morones feat. Dave Keuning – “The Hanging Tree”
-Yes, THAT Dave Keuning of the Killers. This is a real, raw rock song. The vocals and guitars are both on point. Sometimes the vocals feel distorted, but it’s only for their impassioned rock lament. There’s an underlying blues feeling to the song that will win a lot of fans. I really dig the sassy attitude in the song.

The Big Bend – “Celebrate”
-This song honestly and genuinely sounds like the Beatles could have written it… but with organ. Seriously, though, the vocals on this track are just infectious to my ear. The rhythm of the song feels like an easy rolling rock tune. The pop sensibility brought out by the organ really brings it together. It’s a vintage sound that feels refreshing. Wash it down with a PBR on the porch with your buds; you won’t be disappointed.

Jaden LaRue – “Open Road”
-Jaden LaRue can really write a killer song. This track melts me for the way that it captures a sort of quintessential 60s folk song, yet LaRue’s vocal sounds like it’s the amalgamation of a 20s burlesque and a modern woman. It all comes together for this challenging, frankly inspiring sound. I appreciate that the sentiment is about having someone to hold, but still seems to embody a feeling of empowerment; we will do this together.

The Howling Tongues – “The Shakes”
-This is technically a blues rock song and it really rocks right off the damn stage. Seriously if you’re a fan of guys like Johnny Lang, you have to give this a spin. There’s a nice deep throaty guitar section near the halfway point that leads beautifully into a soaring vocal. It’s the kind of music that makes you happy to be alive. Anyone who has ever fallen seriously for a lover will find much to relate to on this one, but even if you haven’t you can shake your ass off dancing to the song.

Blue Apollo – “Walls”
-Throwing it back to my days of listening to a bit too much pop punk music, Blue Apollo seems to have found a place in my own nostalgic heart. The song, though, has a thoughtful message embedded in the lyrics. Maybe rather than pop punk you might think of it as pop rock music, but either way there are some really incredible vocals on this track. It’s a high tenor lead that helps drive a love and deeply reflective tune. I can’t help but think of Owl City every time I hear this song.

Claydon Connor – “The Best is Yet to Come”
-Imagine a guy with a guitar, a nice chill rhythm section in the background, and a love song… yep, that’s this tune. Connor’s sound reminds me most of Kyle Cox, one of our favorites. There’s something endearing about his simplicity. The song is (as far as I can tell) a pretty straightforward “country” song at it’s core. There are a few melodious chord changes and heartfelt romantic lyrics. It is, with the proper placement, a hit.

The Academic – “Mixtape 2003”
-This is one of my favorite indie rock band’s I’ve found since we opened up SubmitHub. The track rocks, for sure, but it’s the whole composition with the gang vocals and the style that I really like. You can just feel like you’re at a live show with all of the energy in the room. Also, it doesn’t hurt that I was in college in 2003 and see more than a few different faces when these nostalgic lyrics make me think of that year. “A better time for both of us” may not really be true, but it feels good to think back on it.

Fly By Midnight – “Karaoke”
-This song is so addictive I can’t even handle it. Honestly upon first listen it feels a bit cheezy, but as you keep listening over and over, it gets more cool and you start dancing. Like seriously it’s SO INFECTIOUS. If I had my own club, I’d play this song every hour or something. It’s shallow and vapid and makes me want to dance with someone I like. That’s okay, though, right?

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