New Music Friday – Ep.9 – Vote in the poll to decide who wins a full album review

New Music Friday – Ep.9 – Vote in the poll to decide who wins a full album review

Each of these artists has an incredible amount of talent, so let’s give them all a fair listen. After clicking on each one, please vote in the poll posted below. The winner (after one week), will receive a full album review here on EarToTheGround Music. Please share these outstanding artists with your friends, too. Everyone wins!

Lauren Mann – “New Beginning”
-Lauren Mann writes the kind of pop folk music that we gravitate toward. Her vocal quality reminds me of everything I loved about the Harmaleighs last year. The composition is addictive and catchy. You get the sense that she could probably be just as comfortable singing with a full band or all by herself with an acoustic. That confidence makes the track rise above despite pop folk being such a crowded genre.

Loud Forest – “Set You Free”
-If you enjoyed the Lumineers a few years ago when they exploded on the folk scene, you will really enjoy Loud Forest. Their artistry exudes from each line they’ve composed. The way the harmonies wax and wane, you’ll find yourself being pulled into the story. I really appreciate how they manage to have a style that both soothes and provokes; they make the listener pay attention without being overbearing. It’s a great sound.

Dreambeaches – “Habits”
-This might be the most infectious song I’ve heard in years. Dreambeaches took out all the stops and put a whole bunch of sugar on top. Okay, so that metaphor’s mixed, but the fact remains that this is a limitless sound of sweetness. You’ll get ear cavities just listening to it. But what I really mean by all that silliness is that the major chords, bright (and tight) vocals make for a thoroughly enjoyable sound.

Basement Revolver – “Words”
-Basement Revolver are an indie rock band that can fill your ears with curious delight. The female-fronted group sounds exceptional in the way that I felt the first time I heard Sixpence None the Richer. There’s something endearing about the layered, soft vocals over heavy, thoughtful guitars. The theme of the song, condemning simple words without movement, is an excellent criticism of our historical moment.

TJ Kingston – “From Far Away”
-I don’t know for sure, but I’d venture to guess TJ Kingston spent some time studying under the tutelage of the great Jack Johnson. The island vibe on this track is absolutely amazing. It’s infectious and will keep you coming back for more. If you’re looking for music and fun in this summer season, you can’t do much better than TJ Kingston.

Landon Williams – “See What I See”
-This is a bit more pure pop than what we typically feature, but there’s just a sexiness to this Landon Williams track that demands we stand up and pay attention. There are vintage sounds thrown into an electro-heavy sound that is slowly becoming the sound of this era. The combination of R&B influenced vocals with synth-laden background comes together for a club-friendly, dance-happy anthem sure to get a lot of folks throwing the shades on and cruising.

Jane’s Party – “Cigarette Buzz”
-This song from Jane’s Party makes me happy in inexplicable ways. The melody is just right, the guitars make it feel like a bygone era, and the lead vocal is on point. When it all comes together, you won’t know if you’re listening to the 70s or this decade. But the metaphor of smoking cigarettes holds up nicely in a track that will push you to reconsider life’s complications.

Serena Isabelli – “A Million Things”
-This track, a soul tune, is self-consciously about the music business. Isabelli has a focus on the music industry and her success within it. The melody line keeps it simple and the background singers make it feel like an old school tune. More than anything, it’s the purity of Isabelli’s vocal that makes the song really work.

Pathos, Pathos – “Summer Nights”
-Aside from the seasonally appropriate name, this song is particularly chipper and joyful, so I had to include it here. These guys can really sing, but beyond that they wrote a really catchy song. It reminds me of some of the chill rock stuff put out by Relient K some years ago. To write with that kind of style (including some really great glowing guitar riffs), shows me not just one good song, but a band to keep watch for in years to come.

Odina – “You Loved Me, You Killed Me”
-Anyone who has ever experienced a break up or rejection can relate to the emotions of this song. I have to say I really enjoy the theme of the song as well as the composition. The layered vocals are really well done and the big brass was totally unexpected. When you listen to this one, I really encourage you to close your eyes and be absorbed into the whole message. It’s deep and transcendent.

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