Jeremy & the Harlequins: the rising vintage sound of a band on the rise

Into the Night, the new album from rockers Jeremy & the Harlequins starts off as an impending road trip. It builds and builds throughout, drawing on bands like Vampire Weekend and The Bravery along the way. This is a classic album that could easily fit in the musical heart space of fans of both Jerry Lee Lewis and Cage the Elephant. The section of the interstate that the band thrives in is found between classic and modern; retro and forever cool. A talented band that is confident, fun, and alive in the greatest of ways, Jeremy & the Harlequins would be easy to deem the “next big thing”.


“In both the pop music world and the indie music world,” explains vocalist Jeremy Fury when asked about the band’s classic sound, “everything’s very electronic and very produced-sounding. In the indie world, everything seems like it’s long songs with no choruses and it doesn’t feel to me like something I’ll be singing along with in 20 years and going back to, and the pop world seems to have lost its human element. Music should make you feel something, and I don’t get that from much music nowadays, so we wanted to strip things down again and get back to the essence of rock’n’roll and pop music.”


“Into the Night” is the first single and track on the new album and a great showcase of the band’s musical philosophy. The hit track was recently picked by Steve Van Zandt as the coolest track in the world for his radio show. This ultimate road trip song will make you singing along with it in no time. It’s New York cool is guaranteed to endear the boys to any listener.


“Let Her Run” sticks to a rock love song narrative that would make Tom Petty proud. This is a track that is made complete with some classic guitar playing. Many times in rock music, vocals are what keep an album driving to the finish, with the instruments having an occasional solo to keep things interesting. However, Into the Night is different. While the vocals are fantastic, the guitar is the engine that keeps the album fresh and exciting. Key players Craig Bonich and Patrick Meyer should be recognized for their sharp contributions.


The band in general has a tight grasp on music of all types, and this comes out beautifully on throwback tracks like “Big Beat” and “Drinkin’ By Myself”. The former comes complete with a mini dialogue in the middle of the song and the latter shows Jeremy with a great vocal nod to Buddy Holly. This clever song finds the protagonist in a variety of end time scenarios, drinking solo. This is the essential drinking song.

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If you enjoy nostalgia, backup singers, and the occasional finger snap all to heartbreak and road trip songs, then look no further. We cannot be more excited for this band to unleash its new LP on the world August 5th. You do not want to miss out on a band with such heart and talent.

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