Harrison Brome – A Guaranteed “Wow”

“Wow”. You know the feeling, right? You sneak into your favorite music listening spot – on your couch, in your bed, or at your workspace – and the sound hits you. You can’t express why, though you will try, but the music makes perfect love to your soul and you know that in this one brief moment of time, all is well. Music critics like myself live for moments like this. It is easy to become jaded with the current state of music, but when we find an artist like Harrison Brome, the hours of sifting through genres and expression are all worth it.

The 19-year-old Vancouver native shines on his highly anticipated debut EP Fill Your Brains. If you love those Spotify playlists or keep your ears out for new music, then chances are you might have already heard from Brome. His mix of pop, electronic, and soul makes him appealing to a wide range of musical tastes. His art is understated but also very captivating in the most human of ways. Each song blazes its own path while working well within the unified EP. The young Brome has crafted a sound that is fresh, current, and provocative.


The title track “Fill Your Brains”, starts with electronic drums then takes its time setting a Moby style vibe. His voice is fragile but assured on the haunting track. It reminds you of a rainy Canadian night or a broken friendship. The distinct moans within the track are emotive and stirring.

“Midnight Island” is a little more upbeat, with perfect vocal quivers that are sure to give goose bumps. The chorus spits fast with a hip-hop urgency and then floats back to the dreamy groove. It reminded me of a Chet Faker tune and pairs well with “Pools” which showcases Brome’s crooning talents. This track is mellow and accessible in a Weekend sort of fashion. This track has almost one million and a half streams on Spotify, and one listen will show you why.


The urgency of the EP comes to a head in “Gambling Hearts”. It’s a genuine track with an honest vulnerability that beautifully blends all the things the artist does so well. “Sex Calls” continues this feeling while being the definite hit of the album. It was the first track I actually heard from Harrison Brome and I was immediately taken to a Drake like place. It is incredibly sexy and makes you feel as much confident as it does dirty. It starts with the echo of a guitar, which is rare on the EP, before bursting into a bass hip-hop beat. If you weren’t a fan before, this track will seal your affinity for his music.

Fill Your Brains officially comes out July 16th and I cannot urge you enough to buy it. If you like the Chet Faker, Mutemath, vibe, then you are sure to be blown away. Brome is due for a huge 2016, and this is the perfect opportunity for you to tell your hipster friends that you found him first.

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