Three Americana Acts to Keep the Celebration Going!

Three Americana Acts to Keep the Celebration Going!

Americana can be peaceful and calm, or it can be upbeat and highly engaging. We’re hoping that you’ll enjoy the raucous sounds of these three Americana acts. Although Americana takes on many different flavors and styles, we’re sure you’ll love all three of these bands and put them in steady rotation for this summer’s pig roasts, bonfires, and beverage-swilling good times.

Hackensaw BoysCharismo
-From the opening fiddle and mandolin combination of this album Charismo you can hear a lot of positivity. The lead vocal is dripping with authenticity. And with a quick search on the background of these guys, you’ll learn that they aren’t exactly rookies to the world of Americana. In fact, this album marks a trip back from a hiatus. But if you’re looking for the kind of Americana that gets your toes tapping, you need to spin this album. It’ll get you dancing, smiling, and probably telling a friend to sing along. Try “By and by” if you only have time for one because you won’t stop at one!

Eli WestThe Both
-Now this album may not feel like a real toe tapper at first blush, but bear with it. The sometimes-solemn style of Americana is deeply satisfying and just as important for keeping the party going with some slow dances. The songs feel more like they’ve come from the American song book than from the mind of a 21st century artist. The guitar work on the album is relaxing, captivating, and at times outright stunning. The second half of the album is instrumental, creating a perfect break for downtempo life like reading, conversing, or just putting your feet up to enjoy. But the harmonies on the first half of the album, complete with picture-perfect phrasing, results in one of the best Americana albums of the year.

Al EngelmannOne Million Memories
-Engelmann writes with a sort of folk rock flair that gives hints of classic rock and vestiges of an old era of simple rock music. The instrumentation is solid, rhythms that remind you of the olden days. I’m actually a bigger fan of his downtempo work on tracks like “One Million Miles” that show off a cooler side of the music and the vocal. Something about the composition and style reminds me of early Eric Clapton. Although it might not be the banjo-laden Americana that seems to have coopted the genre, this album is still every bit a reflection of classic American music – and if you’re anything like me, this music will conjure up many of your own memories.

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