4 For Your Forth: Four acts to explode your weekend

Nate Baker

For fans of: Dawes, Sturgill Simpson, Willie Nelson, Into the Wild style Eddie Vedder

The San Francisco artist, Nate Baker, has an old soul and a patient heart. His country-tinged music plays out like a mix between Willie Nelson and Eddie Vedder. On “Better When You Were Blue”, the artist even throws a jazz type solo in the mix for good measure. His LP One Day in May is as fun as it is genuine with songs that beautifully carry the listener through popular country themes – pints, broken hearts, and tear soaked nights – all the while bringing something creative and heartfelt to a genre that is in desperate need. Listening to the vinyl release he graciously sent us, made me simultaneously want to smile and cry. Nate is everything great about singer songwriters and it doesn’t hurt that he recently played shows with the great Jessica Lea Mayfield.

Coast Modern                                                                                                                                                      

For fans of: Borns, Mainland, A coast style vibe with humor                                                                         

Coast Modern are set for a big year. Their style is able to capture many different tastes and shake many discriminating hips. “Guru” is one of our favorite tracks so far this year and somehow fits themes like bacon and yoga into a highly catchy tune. The LA duo are exactly what your life is missing right now. Currently they are on a massive North American tour with the likes of Temper Trap and Borns. 

Ramonda Hammer

For fans of: Bully, Wolf Alice, a grungy but delicate rock band

Ramonda Hammer, the LA act with a unique name, are generating some major buzz around their “Whatever That Means” LP and drawing comparisons to contemporaries like Bully. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the four-piece was able to record with Grammy nominated Morgan Stratton. The album is creative nod to the ‘90’s with a melancholy vibe and some sick guitar work. Their music is accessible and quirky. We are excited to see what is next with this act and see bright things in their future. Check out “If, Then” and “Goddamn Idiot” for a taste of the band’s sound.


For fans of: MGMT, Tame Impala, Passion Pit, long and beautiful dream sequences

New York christened neo-psych act Corbu have a familiar but unique sound. Their new LP Crayon Soul will be out August 5th, and you are going to want to pick it up. Being fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy has endeared them to us deeply. It is the type of album you play from start to finish, letting it wash over and inspire you. Frontman Jonathan Graves describes it this way: “When we wrote the story for the album, a whole universe opened up for us. We referenced it constantly while finishing the songs and mixing them with Dave (Fridmann), and each piece of artwork we made is a snapshot from the ‘movie’ of Crayon Soul.” While the album has a month until it’s officially released, check out the dreamy “Battles” below.

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