Thursday Rock / / Fiery Up and Comer Anna Rose Proves She Deserves Your Praise

There are few times in life where we fall in love instantly. When we do, we remember the moment clearly if not through exaggerated perspective. When I heard a new track from fiery new artist, Anna Rose, I was reminded of this feeling. Instantly, I was hooked with her ability to bend genres and pierce even the coldest of spaces with her seductive yet rocking vocals. At once, she can make you swoon as well as rock out. And damn, can she play guitar. Her new EP Strays in the Cut is a perfect example of all her various talents and showcases the artist as both creative, and respectful to those who came before.

“Under Your Skin” starts off with a guitar that would make a Baptist weep. Distorted and epic, her playing starts a haunting vibe that her voice carries before crushing into an alt-country rock vocal circus. Goosebumps. It will take all of thirty seconds for you to be captivated and say “yes” to any thing that you hear after. This tune has shades of classic rock, mixed with artists like Queens of the Stone Age and The Kills.

“Natural Disaster” can pretty much sum up at least one of your failed relationships. The slow burning track is carried by haunting chants and a vocal range that is sure to shatter hearts as it unfolds. The lyrics bounce between self-pity and self-empowerment with as it builds amidst the relational wreckage. This is a definite highlight on the EP that is filled with many.

“Force of Nature” is a nod to the ‘90’s in the best way possible. What Rose does so well, is to creatively create a solid and tight sound while feeling eerily reminiscent to some of your favorite acts. She stands on the shoulders of giants while knocking them over to fly on her own. The drums on this particular track sound like handclaps that add a little something unique to the already stellar EP.

“Bury Me Deep” is a layered and electric track that is sure to appeal to that shaded sensual rock side you keep buried deep within. There is a definite mood to this song as the harmonies and baptize your ear buds.

I know at Ear to the Ground we often present artists in the best light possible in an attempt for you to feel what we do. We passionately love to promote art that the world is somehow missing. We never mean to exaggerate or lead you astray. With this said, Anna Rose is something incredibly special. Authentic, talented, and humble, you are sure to feel something from the first listen. We cannot recommend her new EP Strays in the Cut enough. Buy it. Also, check out her cover of Arcade Fire‘s “My Body is a Cage” below:


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