Something for Everyone in 4 Acts

Jake Etheridge

Jake is a unique talent. His ability to write a perfect love song is enviable. His songs are simple and sweet but also very authentic and relevant. This alone is an ability that sets him apart from the sea of singer songwriters. Like many things, America might be late to jump on his bandwagon but is sure to follow in the footsteps of Holland and Germany where he, with his band The Common Linnets, has went triple platinum and gold respectively. He is almost unfairly talented and sure to be a hit as he continues to create heartfelt and soul engaging hits. Check out “You Found Me First” for a prime example of his art.

My Jerusalem

“Young Leather” is sure to evoke something in you. If you are anything like me, you will say something like “holy shit! This is smooth.” It’s a sultry, dirty, and seductive track that is likened to some of my favorite acts – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Queens of the Stone Age. Backed with a rising star in her own right, Elle King, the five minute burner is sure to pique your interest. “I wrote ‘Young Leather’ after watching one of my friends talk to thirty different girls on Tinder while we were sitting at the bar one night. It’s about temptation and how it seems everyone these days is always looking to “upgrade”. The boozy, sexy swagger of the baritone sax added to the song and made it a no brainer to ask our friend Elle King to add some background vocals. I love our voices together.” Says lead singer Jeff Klein. Check it out below.


Continuing with the mellow vibes, Montreal trio Braids have recently released a stunning trance of an intimate EP. Companion is very real account of singer Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s healing from deep personal wounds. Their sound is experimental and evocative which is the perfect backdrop for rainy days and lonely nights. This band is seasoned, confident, and creative; a beautiful combination of style and substance. Check out their video for the single “Companion” below.

The Hunna

This UK act are currently crushing it worldwide with their smashing hit “You & Me”. An incredibly catchy and rocking tune, it has been streamed nearly a million times on Spotify alone. “Still Got Blood” is close to an alt-rock masterpiece which has garnered attention from the likes of Billboard. Try not to bop and sway to their infectious tunes reminiscent to The 1975.

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