Stephen Colbert and the Late Show Music Scene

When David Letterman stepped away from late night television, there was a sizable gap in the level of music being made, and the quality of music being promoted across the airwaves past midnight. While the comedy and interest may have waned toward the end of his tenure, he always brought interesting artists and collaborations that were rare for the late night landscape. The other hosts, while not offensive, catered to a more mainstream audience. Letterman at least was based in New York and therefore was minutes away from a thriving indie music scene.


Enter Stephen Colbert. While not always providing a musical guest for each night, the ones he does are extraordinary and under the radar of many. A notable music fan himself, Colbert has been able to bring exposure to acts that Ear to the Ground would cover and happily promote. We thought it would be cool to show you a few of our favorite acts in the past few months. Check it out!

Autolux ‘Soft Scene’

This band has been around awhile but recently released another solid effort of industrial shoe gaze. Opening up for acts like Nine Inch Nails has fortified the three piece into a band who never disappoints.

Explosions in the Sky ‘Disintegration Anxiety’

Not many acts can hold a national audience captive with absolutely no vocals. This band has quite the musical resume and continues to churn out hauntingly distorted pieces of pure musical genius.

Jack Garratt ‘Worry’

His new release has won incredible praise by everybody around the world. Seductive and emotive, his live performance is just as captivating. Blessed with a bluesy voice and ridiculous talent, Garratt plays every instrument on his late night debut. If you don’t bounce with this, check into a hospital. You might be dead.

Courtney Barnett ‘Nobody Really Cares if you Go to the Party’

Perhaps no one has had a better 2015 than Barnett. Her Grammy nominated album is extraordinary. Her sardonic songwriting is some of the sharpest we at ETTG has seen recently. Check out her performance below.

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