Three Singer Songwriters for April Shower Days

Three Singer Songwriters for April Shower Days

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These talented singer songwriters probably (allegedly!) did not write their albums just for this list. But if they did, they would have written the same songs that help get us through the difficulties of rainy days. Whether upbeat and sunny (to remind us of days to come) or sad and introspective (befitting of rainy days), these artists really capture the range of emotions we experience each April. Do enjoy (and share if you care).

Ron Artis II and Thunderstorm Artis -What Music Means to Me
-Ron and Thunderstorm Artis are extremely talented musicians in what I’ve been calling the “Jack Johnson Island Pop” vein. Of course they are much more than an act similar to a popular artist; their own originality comes through on every inflection. There are spectacular rhythms and poetically-delivered lines on every track, starting with “Today’s Days.” The soothing charm of the Islands combined with jazz runs and family connection; what’s not to like? If you only have time for one, check out “A Family Like Mine,” but really you need to hear this whole album.

Julienne Dweck – Black Licorice
-Julienne Dweck has a way of writing that creates massive soundscapes. There are layers of piano, synth, and other electronic devices that magnify the sound. It’s a really interesting sound. Dweck’s vocals can cover a wide range, from melancholic and deeply personal, to transcendent and powerful. This album covers a wide range of quirky and profound sounds. Songs like “If Only” and “Maybe” have a grandiose sound that I understand, but my preference is more like the title track “Black Licorice,” which is equal parts charming and engaging. It also seems to suit Dweck’s naturally rolling vocal quality.

Wilson Harwood – Saturated in Sunshine
-Okay maybe I’m sneaking a single in here. Shhh. This is a nice little song. It’s got that hopeful summer feeling to it, though, and on some of these rainy days we could really use this feeling. The inflections in Harwood’s voice are perfect for the style. “From the beach to the boat to the buoy I just wanted you by my side…” It’s a wonderful little song, even if it does seem to be nostalgic. “Saturated in sunshine but the blues is keepin’ me back.” It’s the most upbeat blues song you’ll ever hear.

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