Album Review: MaryLeigh Roohan – Living Alone EP

MaryLeigh Roohan – Living Alone EP

Emerging from the flames of feminine fires lit by the likes of Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, and Bonnie Raitt is the work of emerging songstress, MaryLeigh Roohan, on her latest release Living Alone. These five songs are straightforward, unapologetic excavations of a heart rubbed raw and Roohan’s powerhouse voice conveys a warmth, sharpened around the edges by heartbreak and a subtle twang.

Living Alone circles around themes of home, history, masculinity and love. There are moments when you’re not quite sure of you should head bang or 4-step – such is the nature of alternative country, and honestly, it doesn’t really matter because Roohan is singing about shit that is just so true. Roohan doesn’t shy away from a ferocious cover of “Bangbang” that fits her vocal tone like a leather glove (just before she pulls the trigger, of course) and the final track, “Somebody Save Me” is a resonating ballad that captures the darkness of rock-bottom realizations.

With lyrics that leave you nodding your head yep, and a pop sensibility sprinkled on a rock n’ blues attitude, these songs will first punch you in the face and then dissipate to echo through the halls of an empty house. Living Alone reminds us that by singing through our darkest hours, we’re able to move past them.

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