Lowly The Tree Ghost – From The Ground

Cleveland act Lowly, The Tree Ghost have created some of the best songs we have heard in recent memory. Mixing everything we love about folk/indie rock including violin, his and her vocal exchanges, and breathtaking harmonies, the band has something incredibly special. Their new release, From the Ground, comes out this Friday, March 3rd and is worth every cent you will pay for it. They walk the genre line well while never feeling pigeonholed or artificial.


“Castel Rock, OR” shows the beautiful range of talent in the band. With hollowed chants and an infectious bass, it showcases the unique vocals of lead singer Andrew Arbogast. “We’re weird, so is everyone, who cares?” is asked commandingly by vocalist/keyboardist Emily McKitrick. Trading vocal duties is what makes the band so intriguing and fresh. It appears to be a humble move of a band that is confident and genuinely likes each other. The band chemistry shines beautifully on the release.

“Twin Peaks, WA” starts off with a Motown style bass and pleasurably transports listeners to that era of love songs. This could easily find its way on a Lake Street Dive album. Well-written songs act as time machines, revealing places outside of our present confines. Lowly, The Tree Ghost does this so well that you won’t even care about the current political climate in America.


It makes sense then that the next tune is entitled “Shake, Rattle, And Roll These Bones”. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album because of its more rock sensibilities. The violin is refreshingly prevalent on the track about identity and longing. If you want a building song that demands a sing-a-long, then look no further than this.

The heartbreaking “Floorboards” juxtaposes hearts with rundown houses amidst simple instrumentation while “Laughing Apple Pt 2” is a floor tapping blast of kindred spirit MewithoutYou style existential folk rock. If you dig heartfelt lyrics coupled with soul soothing folk instrumentation, then you need to check out Lowly, The Tree Ghost. It is a surefire classic for 2016.

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