Album Review: Ozere – Finding Anyplace

Ozere – Finding Anyplace

For all the soaring string arrangements, clean vocals and careful harmonies, there’s something sticky about the way these songs circle through your brain. Bubbling out of the Toronto scene, Ozere’s music meets in the space between orchestral movements and ‘round the fire trad sessions. Their debut full-length album “Finding Anyplace” is a simultaneous yearning call out to the cosmos and high-speed adventure around the world in 80 days.

Fans of Nickel Creek, Zoe Keating and Yann Tiersen’s Amelie soundtrack will find refreshing overlaps in Ozere’s aesthetic. The compositions don’t shy away from dissonant intervals and sudden shifts in style. With masterful use of dynamics and statements that mold seamlessly to the contours of your thoughts, this is music that urges your imagination to run wild. One moment you’re in a field of mountain flowers, the next you’re sipping coffee from a Turkish street corner café.

It’s a style that reflects place with a certain specificity. Melodies feel Celtic in one moment, Sephardic in the next. Lyrics are placed strategically and are able to exude an optimism without crossing into cheese-ball territory. Remarkably, as we travel through these songs, touching down on park benches in Italy, market squares in Beirut, bedrooms in Paris, Ozere manages to maintain a cohesive thread that connects the kaleidoscope of people, places and spices. With songs that whisper and shout, waltz and then stomp, it’s music that is thoughtful and surely an indication of more good things to come from Ozere. Be sure to check out “The Sun Ain’t Down” and “This and That Set – MacArthur Road” – incredible bookends to a collection of songs that is guaranteed to take you places.

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