Exclusive Premier:The Moon Chambers – – “When You Gonna Give Up?”

If you dig relentless and thumping rock, complete with swagger infused and chant inducing vocals, then might I introduce you to The Moon Chambers? Their new track, “When you Gonna Give Up” is everything we love about rock – a cat and mouse love story amidst uninhibited drums and sweet guitar riffs. The jam features vocals from Matty McCloskey of the band Rev Theory and has recently been licensed to be the official theme song of NBC’s First Look which premiers January 9th after SNL and hosted by the alluring Ashley Roberts (Pussycat Dolls).


The Moon Chambers began like many rock acts, under the smog and sun soaked skies of Los Angeles. Producer Isaac Carpenter and vocalist Lindsay Marcus looked to create something that authentically mixed styles and genres. The collaboration with McCloskey was a chance encounter that yielded great results. “I had played drums with Matty on a album a few years back and we always wanted to collaborate on some stripped down masculine rock. We were both on tour (different tours) and recorded it long distance. Me doing the music and Matty recording the vocals. Having minimal options for recording kept the song simple and direct. Also, recording on the back of a tour bus probably influenced the driving pace of the track. It’s just supposed to be a fun song about chasing someone until you have worn them down!!!”


We have the world premier of the track here, so check it out. Also, make sure to watch NBC’s new show this Saturday after SNL.

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