Three Instrumental Artists for Contemplating, Relaxing, and Studying Music

Three Instrumental Artists for Contemplating, Relaxing, and Studying Music

If you’re looking for some music to put on while you work or study, maybe through your ear buds in a coffee shop, look no further than these three talented musicians. Approaching their craft with a variety of styles and instrumentation, these three artists truly fit the “emerging artist” bill that we present here at EarToTheGround. Give them a spin.

James Elkington and Nathan Salsburg – Paradise of Bachelors
-James Elkington and Nathan Salsburg are extraordinarily talented songwriters. Their acoustic guitar work is at the absolute highest level. Layers of fingerpicking make for soundscapes as rich as the western sky. In fact, their intricately interwoven sounds on tracks like “Up of Stairs” and “Reel Around the Fountain” show off songwriters who have a deep sense of melody. Like two dancers in perfect step, these talented musicians craft tracks that allow you to sink into the book or project sitting in front of you while keeping your ears happy. This is an endlessly fascinating album.

Beware of Safety – Mabon
-Beware of Safety are successful post rock acoustic musicians. Their music is full of light, uplifting moments. There are pregnant pauses that beg for sentences to fill their voids. This is absolutely amazing writing and resting music. It’s relaxation in sound waves coursing through your ears. Both “Shutters” and “Mulberry and Heather” show off versatility in what might seem like a limited art. This is beautiful acoustic contemporary classical music sure to make a lot of happy fans here on ETTG.

Sundaug – Nocturnality
-Sundaug is an acoustic guitar performer with a New Age sound. That said, much of the music on this album Nocturnality is experimental and exploratory. There are both harmonics as well as fingerpicking styles. Each track is an adventure in its own right. Consider this album if you’re a fan of more esoteric styles of music. Veering from the standard melodies of folk or classical music, Sundaug instead forges his own aggressive and unique path.

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