Music Industry Spotlight: Interview with Tradiio’s Harry Willis

A few months ago we announced an exciting partnership with Europe-based music platform Tradiio.  In the process of getting to know the program, we took a few moments to digitally “sit down” with Harry Willis, a member of the Tradiio team.

For those of you in the business of making and marketing music, Tradiio is a FREE TO USE platform that streams music to users all over the world.  Even better, when music listeners/fans invest virtual currency in your music, you move up the Tradiio charts (and get featured in publications like this one, earn spots on international festivals, and gain access to other music industry opportunities).

1) So Tradiio is based in Portugal. Can you tell us a bit about the international spread of the platform? It seems to be in the UK and spreading quickly to the US…

We are based in Portugal and the UK, and our team is made up of people from England and China too. Our user base and artist base are spread over a huge area. We’ve had an especially warm welcome in Brazil and the US, great to think that people from all over the world are using Tradiio, it’s a pretty special feeling!

2) What is the vision for Tradiio? Why should users be excited about it?

Tradiio is a music app which acts at the first ever Artist Accelerator. We’re putting users in charge of discovering and launching the careers of new and emerging artists. Artists on the platform who get the most support are rewarded with opportunities geared around gaining traction and success.

3) Tradiio seems to be based on a kind of “stock market” for music. How are listeners rewarded for their time on Tradiio?

Tradiio users invest free virtual currency in the tracks they believe in the most. This is a proven, effective way of curating the best talent from a huge number of submissions. We also reward the best supporters with exclusive perks, experiences and rewards like vinyl, concert tickets and headphones.

4) How are you able to sustain the business? (Partnerships, ads, does anyone have to pay?)

As of Monday October 12th, we’re offering power users access to ‘Tradiio Pass’, a paid membership which will provide extra features and exclusive items in the Store.

5) We have a lot of artists that read our blog. Do they have to pass some kind of screening process to put their music on Tradiio?

As long as it’s not offensive and you own the rights, we want it on Tradiio! Give us something we can’t put into any genre, it gives our team the team the excuse to have have a massive debate and descend into anarchy.

6) Users get to “invest” in music. How much does it cost to be a member of Tradiio? How much do the investments cost?

The term ‘Investment’ refers to investing virtual currency (which is completely free). However, ‘Tradiio Pass’ provides you with an enhanced experience with more currency to play with and also access to the newest music on the platform.

7) I’ve read that other platforms tried this “investment” idea. What makes Tradiio different than the other formats that preceded it?

The investment dynamic has been experimented with a lot across music apps. Tradiio stands out from the crowd through the connection between users and artists. Directly rewarding users for helping artists builds a bridge which is so often lost in the modern streaming world.

8) Do you anticipate major labels joining in on the platform, or do you intend for it to stay at the independent level as a launching platform for artists?

Tradiio is for emerging artists. You will never find Beiber here, you might find the next Taylor Swift of tomorrow though. That said, we’d love to collaborate with the majors too. We actually work alongside Universal Music Portugal to provide them with the hottest up and coming artists each month.

9) What kind of rewards do you have for artists? What do they get for giving their music away?

We aim to provide Tradiio artists with every possible tool to help them succeed. Artists who get to the top of the charts get studio time, label deals, festival bookings, mastering, music videos and much much more.

10) What would you like our readers (mostly folk fans in the US) to know about the platform?

If you want to discover the best new music before anyone else, support them and earn some amazing rewards in the process, give Tradiio a try. It’s completely free and you could just change the life of an emerging artist!

Are you ready to play your part? Tradiio is available free for artists and users at

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