Three Excellent Indie Rock Bands to Spice Up Your Playlist

Three Excellent Indie Rock Bands to Spice Up Your Playlist

I know, I know – indie rock is Matt’s deal. But certain bands are just Greg bands that aren’t Matt bands. And that’s totally okay. You’ll enjoy these three as melodic, harmonic, and they’ll keep your toes tapping. That’s how I like my rock. Give ‘em a spin, will ya?

Fox and Cats – Ampersand
-Fox and Cats really take me back to my days of loving pop punk music. They have a sound that reminds me of Good Charlotte and the bands that seemed to dominate the top 40 in the early 2000s. From the opening power chords on “Home” to the fractured, desperate sound of the lead vocal, this is a great band. The cleverly-titled “What Sharp Teeth I Have” has a killer beat and a totally different vibe to it. This is an exceptionally talented band, totally worth your time if you’re a fan of indie rock with shades of punk.

The Revivalists – Men Amongst Mountains
-The cool factor for The Revivalists is simply immeasurable. They embody the kind of sound that the “rockstar lifestyle” is all about. Hip, upbeat, and appropriately eclectic, these guys can rock. There’s a little bit of blues, some R&B, and a whole lot of attitude sprinkled throughout the album. “Stand Up” is probably the single, an upbeat jam showing off fantastic lyrical skills and phenomenal execution. Start to finish this is a JAM record.

The Absolute – Grow
-Fans of U2 and other contemporary melodic rock will really enjoy the Absolute. The vocal range on lead singer Phillip Ross is pretty amazing. The harmonies, though, are what keep me coming back for more on track after track. The mixing of the guitars and layered vocals really are pleasing to the ear. “Seek and Find” is a harder song than others on the album, but it highlights a more aggressive sound of this versatile band. Downtempo “No Wonder” provides an acoustic, introspective sound. When you take it all together, this is an album definitely worth checking out for fans of a variety of rock styles and subgenres.

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