My Brothers And I – Soul’s Next Big Thing

The soulful sounds of Portland’s My Brothers and I will make you feel life deeply. Their subtle sway of optimism will grab your convictions and challenge your beliefs. Of course, don’t just take my word for it but the word of Amazon who recently deemed the group “The Next Big Thing”. While many albums we come across take a few listens to really grab a hold of us, Don’t Dream Alone took all of thirty seconds. The recently released LP is nothing short of a refreshing mix of Motown style goodness. Its upbeat numbers are highly danceable while their more steady numbers will break even the deepest of cynics. While playing it for one such friend, they asked enthusiastically “who is this?!” This is sure to be a popular question to be asked over the following months.
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The first tune I listened to was the catchy clap – inducing “Granted”. It’s a soulful love song with a positive bent toward cherishing the people and events that shape us for better or worse. While this is one of many gems on the album, “In The Stars” is the track that will make your heart melt. The One Republic flavored song is a soaring declaration that will make those in love, love deeper, and those of us who are not, to feel optimism in the future. This dreamy euphoria is something that the album is built upon. Vocalist David Wurgler says that Don’t Dream Alone is more than just a title. “People dream for themselves everyday, but when you dream with or for other people amazing things can happen.” These dreams stay vibrant from the five-piece on the emotive harmonies and slow style of “Nowhere to Run” which is beautiful on every front.

“Na Na Na” could be the best song on the album. Originally finding this tune on YouTube made me watch intently. You cannot fake band chemistry like this. These guys run free in their musical space and excel at everything with a mix of creative discipline. This is the perfect evening soundtrack and will have you singing along while you melt into the sound waves. Fans of gone-too-soon act As Tall As Lions will love this sound. Album closer “Scars” is a great pairing with this and really ends the album on a high note and a deep excitement for their future sound.
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My Brothers and I are a band that come around only occasionally and only when you seem to need them most. The John Legend and Sam Smith type comparisons will come, but they are limiting. The band plays as one – bringing a deeper sound and connection that is often missed with solo acts. You are guaranteed to love the music and soul of this next big thing.


For fans of: OneRepublic, soulful evenings, John Legend, swaying optimism, love songs sung with conviction

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