Three Singer Songwriter EPs That’ll Knock Yer Socks Off!

Three Singer Songwriter EPs That’ll Knock Yer Socks Off!

Okay so that headline might be cheesy and a tad clickbait-ish, but seriously how else can I get people to check out music they’ve never heard? It’s good, though. These three singer songwriters are fantastically talented and deserve your attention. In fact, love them. Buy their music. Then send it to the people you love, because who wouldn’t want great music as a gift?

Ben Sollee – Steeples Part One
-Sollee is a little classical, a little folk, and a lot of genius. He reminds me a little of Ben Folds with his diverse songwriting repertoire. His voice is strong and the strings really make the compositions pop. It’s a short three song EP, but the “part one” promises of more from him. For me, the peaceful dissonance on “Pretend” is just the sort of anti love song I didn’t know I needed. This is a talented artist!

Johnny Jarko – 1801
-People who think that all singer songwriters sound the same really need to give Johnny Jarko a spin. Listen to the crisp tone of his acoustic guitar and the unique wrinkles to his voice. It’s not grit or high lonesome, it’s a special tone that is all Jarko’s. The songwriting is appropriately poetic, without over doing it. Jarko has the ability to say the things that we all wish we had thought of. His voice is great, but I could listen to his guitar playing for DAYS. This is a stellar little EP.

Robert Jackson – Magpie
-As a reviewer I try to be impartial, providing descriptions of albums to help discerning listeners. But this… I love this. I mean, Robert Jackson sounds like he could have been in any generation. From the blues to old fashioned folk, Jackson is the real deal. His guitar playing is proficient and his vocals sound like they have weathered experience and youthful joy all at once. These are three fantastic songs. I can’t wait to hear a full length from Jackson. Simply phenomenal work.

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