Three Singer Songwriters for Hayrides and Fall Festivals

Three Singer Songwriters for Hayrides and Fall Festivals

Image credit: Flickr user Rich Bowen – Creative Commons

Something about fall makes me want pump……… okay, not that. I’m actually more of the football and apple-everything. But more to the point here, I really think acoustic singer songwriters suit the season nicely. Since we have a steady stream of singer songwriter submissions coming through, here are a few we think you (the beautiful, lovely readers) will enjoy.

The Bird Calls – Songs of the Bird Calls
-This is a stripped down album. In fact, it’s such a lo-fi recording that you can hear that little screechy sound of the artist’s fingers on the guitar. And that’s exactly what I like about it. The vocals are raw and real. The melody lines are unconventional yet familiar. There’s more than a small slice of genius in this work. The Bird Calls clearly has jazz guitar training that he puts to exquisite use throughout the album. It’s a gem in the purest sense.

Great Horned Owl – Beautiful California
-Great Horned Owl are talented acoustic musicians. The sound all blends beautifully, creating images of leaves falling for some of us and, I suppose waves crashing for those of you on the coast. Vanderson Langjahr conjures images like William Fitzsimmons, telling stories that are just smart enough to keep you interested, but not so overly esoteric as to distract from the melody. It’s an album full of beauty, emotion, and genuine relationship. Great Horned Owl is wonderful and worth a listen.

HipHatchet – Hold You Like a Harness
-If you like gritty, raw vocals, you’ll enjoy HipHatchet. He reminds me a little of Ashley Raines, who we’ve covered. He’s got a weathered and worn sound that is sure to find a lot of fans around here. Sometimes sounding country, sometimes a little more western, but always with that great American down-to-earth sound. The track “Tacoma Bound” is excellent, showing off Phillippe Bronchtein’s vocals and overall songwriting chops. It smacks of the golden era of country music, talking about the hard truths of hard living and the softness of true love. Listeners that don’t mind their liquor with a little age and some bite, give HipHatchet a listen.

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