Album Review: Poema– “Pretty Speeches”–strong, loamy girl-pop.

Poema is a sister band which is powerful.  I love sister bands.  Ella and Shaeleen grew up in New Mexico and have been working, playing, and surviving with each other all over the country since they were small ones.  They semi-recently moved to Nashville to be in a more musical environment. Now they’ve gifted us a fantastic EP full of nostalgic, grown up sounds with the undertones of childhood memories.  It’s a beautiful little collection which you should check out.

“Go Away” opens the album with a steppy, snappy beat, beachy distortion and cool synth sounds.  The lyrics are mellow, reflective, so catchy.  This song flows.  It’s the kind of song that you could accidentally put on repeat and not even notice for hours.

These vocals are gentle but they don’t feel like they’re going to float away.  The music is firmly grounded.  These songs have direction. “Enough Messing Around” is calm but fiercely demands the end of a relationship if it isn’t going anywhere.  “I don’t want to feel like you’re testing me out.”

“Get to Me” begins a bit more breathy and sweet.  It gives me shivers down my spine.

“Forget You in LA” is catchy and fun beyond all reason.  Watch the video, check out the rest of the EP, and fall in love with these harmonious, gorgeous sisters.

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