Crowdfunding Friday: Heather Robb’s Debut Solo Album on Pledge Music

Okay so Crowdfunding Friday doesn’t sound quite as nice as Free Music Friday, but we’re really trying to get the word out on some pretty great projects we’ve found.  If you’d like to submit a crowdfunding project for our consideration, feel free to email  Please remember to keep it within the genres we typically cover.  Thanks!

You know Heather Robb.  You’ve heard her a million times as one third of the extraordinarily talented Spring Standards.  Heather is precocious, energetic, and sincere in her musical merrymaking.  If you doubt all of that, just read her little “blurb” about her project.  “I’m both asking and inviting you to be a part of my debut EP – after almost ten years in this crazy business, I am neither shy nor precious about this. It’s very simple – I have music that I want to record and put into the world and I know it will be a fun, rewarding creative endeavor. Powered by you.”  She can sound like Stevie Nicks or classic country if she wants.  But more than anything I just can’t wait to hear what will be pure, unadulterated Heather Robb.

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