Album Review: Rosenblume – All Through the Fire, All Through the Rain

Album Review: Rosenblume – All Through the Fire, All Through the Rain

Rosenblume have a sound that is as cool as these late August nights. It’s relaxed and methodical, comfortable like a well-worn flannel. It might even smell like a campfire sometimes. Rosenblume have rich tones and familiar grit. “It’s been a long time my love…” The smooth and easy lyrics remind me of the 1970s in the best way possible. This is a great little folk rock album.

The title track opener is about love and patience. It’s about waiting to be with someone. The nice, peaceful easy rock sound is a wonderful way to start a comfortable album. The second track then has a similar sound but with more harmonica. The vocal quality is still definitely there. It’s the kind of subtle, confident rock that makes you want to listen over and over. It’s not headbanging hard or put-you-to-sleep “easy listening.” It’s just good, steady, chill rock. The second song’s lyrical content is easy to relate to also, talking about the feeling of being hurt by someone you love.

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“Lost in the Air” is an acoustic piano song. The solo vocals are just lonesome and free enough. The whole song has a feeling of desperation and sincerity to it. It’s a sort of Billy Joel if he listened to a lot of Norah Jones… if that makes sense. That said, it really works well. It’s really impossible to overstate the sincerity in it.

The last track “Nerves of Steel” comes just a little too soon. The album could definitely use more songs, but that’s the point of an EP. The fact that we want more means the band should keep at it. This last track goes back to the easy feeling of the opener. The lyric “if the skies fall down could we be brave?” is one that will provoke all sorts of questions. The song overall is about wanting to take care of someone who doesn’t seem to be interested in allowing that to happen (I think.) It’s not every day that I say a harmonica wins the day on a track, but it definitely does on this one. Great work.

Rosenblume is every bit the “emerging artist.” Fans of folk rock or chill rock music will find a lot to enjoy with this album. Fans of 70s rockers like Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, or even Elton John will probably fall in love with All Through the Fire, All Through the Rain.

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