Crowdfunding Friday: The Black Feathers Pledge Music Campaign

Okay so Crowdfunding Friday doesn’t sound quite as nice as Free Music Friday, but we’re really trying to get the word out on some pretty great projects we’ve found.  If you’d like to submit a crowdfunding project for our consideration, feel free to email  Please remember to keep it within the genres we typically cover.  Thanks!

The Black Feathers are an exceptionally talented duo making great folk music.  As you can hear from the video they’ve finished their album, but are raising money for the production process.  It is already funded so you are guaranteed to get the rewards from supporting their efforts.  We’ve covered them in the past and really love their high quality music.  The instrumentation and harmonies are top class, so definitely consider giving them the support they need… and get some pretty awesome swag.

(Anyone wanna buy me the shirt and CD combo?  Swaggggggggg)

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