Afterwards – Rage – Italian Lo Fi Alt Rock

If you were to make a list of places that represent rock and roll, Italy would have a difficult time cracking the list. Yet if alt rockers Afterwards are any sign of the Italian music scene, then the future is brighter than ever. Combining eerie instrumentation with smoke laced lyrics; the boys are able to create a sound without borders in their new EP Rage. The aptly named set of four songs, rage at a pace that would make bands like Foals blush. Flirting with a hard sound but never fully leaving their Lo fi atmospheric roots, the band plays with chemistry and a deep commitment to being their own band, labels be damned. It is rare to come across a band who makes your entire body convulse with such rock infused abandon that you nearly break your laptop from a wicked air drum session (true story). It is an understatement to say I loved this band.

Immediately you hear the Foals influence on album opener “Abigayle” before the band blazes their own path. Starting subdued enough before exploding in Cloud Nothings type vocals over relentless guitar. The dark tune uses vocals to compliment the true beauty of the song – the interplay of instruments into one of my favorite rock tunes of the year. Spanning over five minutes, the band throws rock sensibility out the window in favor of creating something unmatched by anything on rock radio currently.

“Gloom” is another interesting jam that will have listeners raging in the rock environment the band creates exquisitely. A tune that handles the thought of dying alone, it is surprisingly empowering ending with a fuzzed out guitar driven noisescape.

“Something New” might be classified as a punk pop song, but a good one no doubt. The drums are particularly amazing on this shorter straightforward rock track. It is the most hopeful of the four tracks even while it illustrates the monotony of daily life. It contrasts nicely with album closer “The Unattainable” which soars in giant rock proclamation. The band’s chemistry is beautiful in this track. With ego aside, the boys climb into a whole different level of rock economy. Half classic rock and half new wave, the band might draw parallels to 30 Seconds to Mars with this particular operatic tune. This is the way some of the best albums end, with hope and dreams of a more meaningful future.

Afterwards cross many genres without stretching or getting too comfortable with any specific label. These young guys from Italy are able to stand out from the current crowded landscape and deliver something powerful and loud. These four songs truly do Rage. You can support great music by downloading their previous album here.

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