Crowdfunding Friday: Hudson Freeman’s Kickstarter Campaign

Okay so Crowdfunding Friday doesn’t sound quite as nice as Free Music Friday, but we’re really trying to get the word out on some pretty great projects we’ve found.  If you’d like to submit a crowdfunding project for our consideration, feel free to email  Please remember to keep it within the genres we typically cover.  Thanks!

If you watch this video you cannot help but be taken by this young man.  He’s clearly talented and oozing with charisma.  He also seems to be one heck of a songwriter, as can be heard here.  This is not a novelty act, folks.  Hudson is a talented young man.  His voice reminds me of a chilled out crooner with a touch of Jason Mraz.  His flair on the guitar is just enough to keep it snappy, without drawing away from his captivating lyrics.  He writes out of a sense of uncertainty but with such confidence it’s just what we want to hear.

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