Three Folk Bands on the Rise in 2015

As a self-proclaimed folk blog, we get quite a bit of folk music through our collective earphones. And let’s face it, they aren’t all too good. But these three bands are the kind that make us stop what we’re doing and listen a little more closely. Keep your ears out for them in the coming year! Try to catch a show if you can.

The Regal Peaches
-It takes a lot to be described as “quirky” in the indie music world, but every explanation of the Regal Peaches stage presence that I’ve seen says they’re a sight to behold. What I can tell from their sound is that they like to have fun with music. Fitting in the “pop folk” category, The Regal Peaches are a raucous bunch with the desire to bend genres. They are a folk band on the rise, though, as they tour to support their EP from last summer. Invite them to your festival because they bring a party!

Undlin and Wolfe
-Fans of the contemplative simplicity of the Civil Wars or even the Milk Carton Kids will find a lot to like with Undlin and Wolfe. Their stripped down folksy duo sound is gripping. There’s something just smart and evocative about the style. It’s part 60s folk revival, part sacred feeling. They are a duo worth listening to and following in the future.

Blue Glass
-At the heart of Blue Glass is a three-person friendship that comes through easily in their harmonies. They’re not there to perform so much as to be together. It makes each track off of their album Sweetness from earlier this year seem effortless and genuine. Shades of CSN shine through the minimalist folk arrangements. Endearing and charming, they’re a band I’ll be looking for to continue their rise.

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