Ted Z and the Wranglers–Cowboy Rock and Roll

On your average day, I do not think of Southern California as a hotbed for quality country music.  Here I am being wrong again.  Maybe it’s not a hotbed and maybe this isn’t the most country of country music.  Ted Z and the Wranglers are doing a fantastic job of melding true bluesy country into that raw SoCal rock and roll sound that I love. I also love that they do not settle for the traditional themes of country music.  Their anthems don’t even touch on the subject of Jeeps, tractors, and cheating wives.  They’re too busy talking about true love, political issues, and the environment.  The melodies are clear and crisp but somehow don’t lack that tangly feeling that you get from good bluegrassy sounds.

“Like a King” is the band’s latest release.  The title track is a rambling love story full of metaphor, banjo riffs, and edgy beauty.   “Virginia” has all kinds of nostalgia and harmonies on the corners and folds of the chorus.  If you listen to one song make it “Ball and Chain”.  It sounds like a fun time.  It sounds like cowboy rock and roll–a little dark, extremely catchy. Don’t listen to it if you’re self-conscious about your dancing, I guess.

Definitely give these guys a listen.  That link goes to their bandcamp but they’re on Pandora too.  Add them to your indie rock station.  Their sound is super catchy, the quality of the music cannot be beat, they even look rad.  I don’t usually fixate on what musicians look like but this is one awesome looking band.  They match their sound.  Watch the video I embedded.  These gentlemen love making music and I am sure that they would love you to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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