Band of Lovers–a romantic, adorable roadtrip

I grew up in upstate New York.  It’s pretty well known that they host a pretty good underground metal scene (at least they did when I was a metalhead teenager).  Folk music–not so much.  I was very actively surprised and pleased when Band of Lovers landed on my desk this week.  Upstate New York, represent. These kids are just pretty golden.

“The Coast” is the folk duo’s first album after a couple of years on the road playing music for the masses. It’s a golden road trip. A journey across the country and through the ups and downs of a relationship.  There are times of bliss and times of crying yourself to sleep as you climb in your little car and take off for Tennessee, the Rockies, San Francisco.


The voices are the kind that you’re sure you’ve heard before, familiar and sweet.  They sound like they were made to tell this story.  They don’t quite go together–but in a way that is dissonant and perfect.  His voice is blue, hers is yellow, together they make the same color green as a ripe hayfield midsummer.  The instruments are in the backseat of the car.  Mostly acoustic guitar with the occasional company of ukulele, xylophone, violin.


These songs are sweet, dreamy, romantic, colorful, and realistic.  Check out Band of Lovers if you like travelling through the countryside with the wind in your hair, if you like romantic picnics on a hillside, if you are ok with not having a plan, if you like complimentary color combinations, or if you need something cheerful to start off your mornings.


I highly recommend listening to the entire album all the way through.  It is beautifully curated.  If you only have time for a few hit “Little Car”, “The Only One”, and “Coal Train”.   They’re touring all over the United States this summer and you should also check out their adorable video below.

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