Ashley Allred–ethereal, instrumental, magical

This morning National Public Radio taught me about Gaelic mouth singing.  I’ve been fascinated by throat singing for a while and with the concept of the voice as an instrument.  Ashley Allred is not a throat singer or a mouth singer (though I am sure she uses both to sing), but the way that she uses her voice is incredibly instrumental.  She harmonizes with the flute, the piano, herself.  The effect is ethereal and glowing.  It is music that feels like it just grew on a magical tree all in one piece.  The three year old in my life says that it makes her feel “all weebly wobbily”.

“All I Need” is Allred’s beautiful debut EP.  It is the kind that you can put on repeat and just let it play all day.  It’s the perfect back up to dishwashing, driving, dinner, or anything else that starts with “d”. Also yoga. If any of you practice yoga, I can see “All I Need” being very calming and grounding.

Give a listen to “Wild Flowers”. My favorite part is the gentle moans of a trumpet hidden in the folds of the satiny  harmonies.  This whole album is so beautiful and unique.  The melodies are milky and gentle, the harmonies organic and willowy.  I love the selection of instruments which suit Allred’s voice so perfectly.  I am looking forward to seeing more from this lady.  I would love to experience a full length album.

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