Morgan Mecaskey–driving, divergent, and transparent indie-pop.

Morgan Mecaskey is one of the most talented and engaging musicians who I have ever met.  She’s a genuine person with great song-writing ability, and a unique and beautiful voice.  She plays a variety of instruments and experiments with an incredible variety of styles.  Her music seems effortless yet it is packed full of deep lyrics, deft layers of sound, driving beats, and gorgeous vocals.


Morgan’s latest EP “Lover Less Wild” is available now.  It’s been the soundtrack of my road trips since its release in early December.  The prominent feature of this album is the driving and catchy “White Horse”.  Brass sounds hang in the background, guitar grinds, and the vocals soar, crash, and dip like stormy Lake Erie. “Sometimes I don’t feel like who I really am.” the song declares then leaves you to hang on to that thought.


“Fighting Extinction” is a smooth, emotional, and eclectic ballad of love and betrayal. “Crushed” finishes the EP off with love, forgiveness, organic and electric feelings. A chorus of voices provides the perfect finish to this perfect little EP.

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I love Ms. Mecaskey’s willingness to bring philosophical and metaphysical concepts into her music.  You will love her catchy beats, transparent emotions, and smoky, divergent voice.  Check out “Lover Less Wild” here and her slightly older but still perfect EP “Righteous Kind” here.  I sincerely hope to see a full length album from Morgan Mecaskey on my desk in the not so distant future.

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