Quick Hits – A little Rock, A Lot of Punk

We get a lot of EP’s at Ear to the Ground. Many of them are rather extraordinary. A humble music writer such as myself is limited by a few short posts each week, which means sometimes he has to cheat and double up artists in his posts. Otherwise, he would be covering EP’s from this year three years from now and worse yet, the terrific budding artists who deserve coverage could in frustration quit music only to become accountants. This week’s post is exactly the career saving and music loving olive branch this world needs.


Front Porch Step – Whole Again

This is definitely worth the few bucks you should pay for it. The Ohio based singer songwriter with punk influences will certainly have you singing along in no time at all. I was reminded of the college love songs that made Dashboard Confessional popular as well as more recent acts like City and Colour. It is a delicate and beautiful mix of sad but hopeful heartbreak songs. “A Lovely Mess” is the standout track for sure while “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” is a simple and stellar rendition of the old classic. “Whole Again” has shades of Frank Turner and Damien Rice and ends on an electric landslide of sound. You will not regret buying this EP, I promise. Pick it up at Best Buy or download here.



The Velvet Hands – The Velvet Hands EP

British rock band The Velvet Hands are early into their musical odyssey, but things are looking brighter with each raucous and catchy groove. Already garnering attention from NME and various British publications, the up and coming band resembles an Arctic Monkeys type vibe. They are young, brash, and terrific musicians. If you dig the sounds of the Libertines and Buzzcocks, then you will immediately and eternally fall in love with these guys who come from a long storied line of British punk revolutionary music.


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