Honeyrunners – Soulful and Righteous Rock & Roll

There is no profound reason to why I like the Honeyrunners, I just do. One quick listen and I was hooked. The Toronto based band blends soulful vocals with blues guitar and keys to make songs that make you shake, stomp, and sing along. If you love music, have a pulse, or long for the music of a bygone era, you will love their new release “EP2” which the band rightfully describes as “sticky, sweaty, soul-drenched rock & roll”.

If you listen to only one song on the album, the opener “Under Control” is the best place to start. A southern style rock tune complete with catchy keys and a perfectly placed guitar solo, this showcases the band at their best. “Hold Me” could easily be found on a lost Black Crowes album. The perfect summer storyteller song, this will make you simply want to love and sway to the sound. “Bones” starts with a little Motown harmony before picking up with an Alabama Shakes type guitar groove. This particular tune shows off the soulful range of lead singer Dan Dwoskin quite nicely.


Speaking of vocals, if you love soaring harmonies you would typically find in old time traditional churches, “River Song” is for you. The whole band contributes vocally in this bluesy gospel jam accompanied with a menacing drumbeat. Again, if you love the Black Crowes, this track will become your new best friend. “Muse” finishes the EP and again has the band do what they do best, rocking out with malicious and soulful intent. You do not want to miss this collection of southern fried soul songs.

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