The Misty Mountain String Band

Stop what you are doing now and go listen to The Misty Mountain String Band’s new “Brownsboro” album.  This is not only a perfect band, but a perfectly curated album.  Some bands are made of people who decide to play instruments and it works out for them.  This band is made out of people who were actual musicians before the quartet was formed, men who were already passionately pursuing music. This fact definitely shows in the quality of this album.  The string quartet has already made an EP which we covered a while ago (also perfect) and “Brownsboro” is the elegant follow-up to that.  These gentlemen combine all of the styles of good string music, they take influences from bluegrass, roots, and americana. Each song is like biting into a truffle–dark chocolatey decadence with a unique filling all its own.


“Darlin’ I’m comin’ home tonight.” The first track of “Brownsboro” is a joyful homecoming. From the fields, from the forests, from the workforce, from the tour.  “Every hour I’ve been thinkin’ ‘bout touching skin instead of cold machines. These cracked and calloused hands, they can be gentle. Oh, darlin’ you’re all I need.”  Reconnecting, rekindling, romancing–this song lights up the fireplace of your heart and puts a hearty meal on the old, scrubbed wooden table.  There is warm light, laughter, and lots of hugs and kisses for everyone.


The title track is completely instrumental.  It tells a story and takes you on a journey.  I truly believe that the time and place are different for each person.  Give it a listen and see what it conjures up for you.  One thing remains the same–this cheerful ballad will set your toes tapping and your face smiling.

I love when folk bands cover hymns.  “Everlasting Arms” is the perfect addition to this album.  The classic melody presented in gorgeous harmony with lively but gentle accompaniment. It sends shivers down my spine and brings actual tears to my eyes.  Just so beautiful.  This song fits very well into the album. I think it adds a really cool element to it.  I would also not object to an album of just hymns.


“Caged Bird” opens up with the kind of fiddle that lets you know that a story is about to be told.  This song is a narrative, a journey, things happen, things are seen, people are changed.  Voices rise and fall, there are tight harmonies and quick fingerpicking on several different instruments.  This is a roadtrip song.

The Misty Mountain String Band is an absolute treasure.  If you like bluegrass, folk, americana, violins, upright bass, mandolin, beards, banjos, dark chocolate, travel, meadows, abandoned buildings, ghost towns, Westerns, Walden, or breathing–you will probably like them.  Give them a listen here and support artists who make art.

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