The Tins–a brotherhood of sound

The things which come out of Buffalo, New York tend to either be really great (i.e.buffalo wings) or really awful (i.e. crime, segregation, weather).  The Tins are of the former variety.  When I was a punk teenager deep in the upstate NY metal scene, there were some great bands that came out of Buffalo but since then I have not crossed paths with great music (the non-headbanging variety) from Buffalo.  So, bring on the e-mails, Buffalo.  I want more like this!  Also–I’ve never thought of Buffalo, NY as the home to a great art scene, but these guys make me want to vacation there and see their land, meet their people.
The Tins have a really cool indie pop sound to them.  “Young Blame” is their third release.  It follows in the footsteps of their 2012 album “Life’s a Gas” which was very well received.  You should check it out, it’s a great album.  You should also check out the new EP and hope and pray that it is the prelude to another album. The Tins are Adam Stanley, Michael Francis, and David Muntner–three guys who renovated an apartment together and now they write songs and play instruments together.

Stanley, Francis, and Muntner show off a lot of musical talent in this four song EP.  There are slow parts and quick parts. Everything is beat driven.  The vocals harmonize subtly and blend well with the guitars.  Some parts feel wintry, some feel so California. My favorite is, “If You Want to Navigate”.  I love all of the gentle, hip, poppy background vocals.  All of the things are in the right places.  The vocals, the instruments, the words–they all support and accentuate each other perfectly.  They work together just like the three gentlemen who create them.

Please, just watch this video.  It is wonderful.

Check out The Tins and send them emails begging for a new album. Maybe hit up Buffalo, New York for your next vacation!

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