We Were Astronauts – Artificial Light – Thoughtful mix of rock and pop

At some point in just about everyone’s childhood, there was a deep longing to be a professional astronaut. How many telescopes were sold under this youthful fantasy? Then one day, reality reared its all too responsible head and with its presence, killed your dreams. Why not try something more reasonable like an accountant, or better yet, a regional manager? Maybe, like me, you realized that NASA is very selective when it comes to who exactly they shoot up into space. Maintaining a strong C- average may get you into a nice liberal arts college, but it will fail when applying for deep space exploration.

Enter Boston based rock act We Were Astronauts. Here is a band that understands life’s disappointments better than anyone. But instead of lamenting in a semi successful music blog (it’s cheaper than a therapist), they make something creative, fun, and applicable to all of life’s little let downs. On Artificial Light, the band is able to provide relentless hope, danceable riffs, and relatable choruses all in the span of five songs. We Were Astronauts have built a reputation in the New England area for high energy and fan friendly shows with their thoughtful mix of rock and pop.

“If we were somewhere else, we’d all be golden” is the mantra behind the album opener, “Golden”. A tune about being stuck in one place or relationship while desiring to start again, it encourages the listener to “roll with the punches” alongside fuzzed out guitar and keys. This is a tune to play on repeat while reminiscing on failed relationships. “Music City” is another great nod to a huge influence of the band, Kings of Leon. With a great hollow bodied electric guitar as the pulse, the tune builds into a rock anthem that beckons the listener to sing along. Building on their everyman image, “Hollywood” targets the culture of celebrity and the fake promises of success. The band bemoans the need for a carefully crafted image with the amusing line “wrinkled shirt and skinny jeans, carefree with no responsibilities.”

The band is fun and uplifting on this short EP. They write relatable music that makes the listener feel like they are part of their sound. If you enjoy bands like O.A.R. and Dispatch, or if you too once wondered what it would be like to don a spacesuit while drinking Tang, you will love We Were Astronauts.

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