Linwood–edgy and emotive.

My husband and I joke about how I am the moody teenager in this relationship.  It can be extremely true.  Sometimes, however, I go to events and mingle with the actual teenagers and realize that I am not really that much of a moody teenager.  This is not a snub to the teens out there–I like you, especially if you’re reading this. You’re probably my kind of person.
The band handed to me this week reminds me that a little bit of moody teenager is still in there, she’s just grown up and gotten more sophisticated. Linwood is a band from Columbus, Ohio.  They have a sound that is kind of like early 2000’s edgy pop, but it has been barreled up and aged to perfection.  There’s still that snap of moodiness, but it’s a little bit less raw, more oak flavored and has a good depth to it.

David Rourke and Patrick Sprague have been making music since they were kids in church.  They have been performing together almost as long.  “Closer to Clear” is their first album.

The album opens up with “Hidden Things” a song with oohs, ahhs, and some rocking electric guitar. “Let me in, let me see you heart, all your darkest sins and broken parts.”  This song is a declaration of wanting to know someone better, wanting to love someone. Maybe they are reluctant to be loved.  The vocals have some cool and unique tonality to them.  This continues throughout the album.  The tone is different in every song.  “Breath of Rain” feels a bit wild, like being in a lake during a storm.  The rock and roll elements are complemented by a smoother chorus and hard bass line.  “OK” has a bit more of a pop feel to it.  The melody rolls dramatically around the electric guitar.  This song felt so classic, like the pop-rock of the late seventies.   “Sons and Daughters” proclaims that “we are the hopeless, broken children of broken homes.”  And we’re looking for something more, something else, something better.  This song is gentle, but crisp.  My toes are tapping in time with the drums.


Rourke and Sprague are creating high quality, heartland rock-and-roll.  They feature snappy beats, emotional lyrics, and edgy guitar lines.  Check them out if you’re in Columbus or give them a listen here.

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