The Rebel Light–making their own waves in hidden LA.

Winter is coming.  For those of you on the bottom half of the world, summer is coming.  For all of you, I have the perfect sound for whatever you are doing right now. The Rebel Light are absolutely pure independent music.  No indie labels, no studios.  They write their own music, play their own instruments, record stuff in their bathroom, and make their own waves in the hidden gem parts of Los Angeles.  It’s no secret that I am a sucker for the California indie pop sound.  These guys have it.  It is so glamorous and a little bit sandy from running around wild and free by the ocean.  They are hard at work on their debut record but have released a few tunes to reel us in for the mean time.  Check out their latest song, “Strangers” which has been featured by great radio stations across the country.

May The Rebel Light help you to overcome the dreary autumn days or get ready for summer.  Their sound is clean, vibrant, and a lot of fun.  Please enjoy.  Add it to your collection here and hear some other great songs from them.  I recommend “Jukebox Dream” and “My Heroes are Dead”   Watch out for that album coming soon!

Also–that band photo is one of my favourites I have ever seen.  Watch for it on our instagram @eartothegroundmusic.

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