The Lonesome Fellas–should not be so lonesome.

The Lonesome Fellas are a bluegrass-y folk band from South Carolina.  They released a demo EP in May and it is really good.  The tunes are jaunty enough for a backyard picnic with friends, watermelon, and barbeque, and the lyrics are deep enough for a brooding drive or evening home alone.  This music is really well balanced and high quality and it makes a really nice little EP.


The opening track, “Brown Eyes”, is beautiful and complicated.  The song is about falling in love with a woman because she is so beautiful and captivating, finding out later that she has a terrible personality, and loving her anyway.  Loving the heartbreak, loving the beauty.  This song evokes so many thoughts.  Everything from “aw, that’s really sweet” to “dude, get far away from that broad.” I like that dissonance.  This song is well written and well sung.


“The Man You Wanted Me To Be” is really emotional.  The singer mourns the loss of the girl he loved, who loved him but wanted him to write her letters, who wanted him to learn to be like her dad, who wanted romance and “I love you”s and he’s just not that guy. The vocals are emotive, the storytelling is clear, the instrumentals are well executed and uncomplicated. She always wanted him to write her a song, and now she has it.  She also has her happy ending with a gentleman who writes her letters.


“Moon” is like a lullaby and a love song.  He asks the moon for advice.  There is a magical girl who he loves very much. “Oh, Mr. Moon won’t you walk me through this? Cause the skies are looking clear and you’re the only one that’s here tonight. I don’t know what to say to her but I want to run away with her…so Mr. Moon, I’m trusting you.” The harmonies on the chorus are soft and pretty, the guitar is simple and bring starry skies to mind.

I like this band.  They have a smooth, versatile sound.  Their lyrics tell stories that are relatable and emotional.  I would love to see an album from them in the near future. Til then, go check out this EP!

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