Rosu Lup – Currents EP – Philadelphia folk music

As a guy who is fortunate enough to be able to write about new and breaking music, I live for those rare moments when the music I come across stirs something deep inside my heart. Those moments where within a few notes you know you are in for something special. This is how I felt when I listened to Philadelphia Folk act Rosu Lup. Their beautifully crafted EP, “Currents”, is sure to make any musical cynic smile.

Lines like “there is no greater hell than refusing to believe”, on the title track, tread on topics like faith and belief and come from a deep well of talented songwriting. These themes are experienced deeply through delicate harmonies on “Pines” which assert, “we drink deep of the maker’s vine from shallow cups . . .” This particular tune will be a favorite of yours if you enjoy the lyrics and arrangements of bands like Fleet Foxes and Bright Eyes.

My personal favorite track is the closer “Dust and Days”. The term beautiful, which is perhaps over used in music reviews, fails to describe the orchestral arrangements on this hopeful tune that ends with a “don’t be afraid” refrain. Depravity and sainthood are explored here with the poignant question “is there any good in me?” If you want to experience what the power of music can do for your soul, I highly recommend listening to this one on repeat.

“Currents” is an absolutely gorgeous piece of music that is enhanced with an autumn country drive where the sun shines through the newly barren trees to give you a hopeful warmth. One listen, and I am sure you will agree.

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