Kyle Cox–perfectly balanced southern rock-and-roll.

When I think of Florida, I think of old people and Disney World. This, despite having many friends there who consistently remind me that Florida has one of the fastest growing youth cultures in the nation.  Kyle Cox has driven that fact home and, I believe that he has changed my perception of Florida.  His sound is youthful without being reckless.  It is southern without being covered in gravy.  Mr. Cox has a variety of music out there, but his most recent work,“The Plan, The Mess” is due out in the fall.  It is my favorite of his work so far.  He has a couple of singles out on bandcamp for you to enjoy and get excited about the rest of the album.  You should check him out if you are looking for something familiar, yet fresh.


The first track “I Ain’t Been Lonely Until I Met You” captivated me with a gentle, acoustic intro, catchy melody, and harmonica.  There is the perfect amount of harmonica in this song.  Not too much, but plenty. I love it.  The song builds, Cox’s voice grows and matures.  You can hear his experience and enjoy his attitude.  It is a song about a relationship making you feel more alone than not being in a relationship.  So many of us have been exactly in that place.  For me, it struck again how dumb some parts of my first dating relationship were, while delivering some groovy, fantastic southern rock and roll.


“You Got That Something” is a song of appreciation for another human being.  I love it.  It’s the kind of song that everyone wants someone else to sing to them.  “You’ve got that something I know that everybody wants. I know for certain, honey, that I can’t get enough. I can’t get enough of you.  It’s more rolling than rocking. Cox’s voice is the perfect blend of emotions and memories, and grittiness.


“Old City Train” is about leaving and loving someone, losing, finding, coming, going, searching, and finding it even though you weren’t sure what it was.  “Honey, Let’s Run Away” takes you adventuring with your favorite person for the rest of your life.  “We could go up north and watch the seasons change from our front porch.” Oh, the seasons. I miss autumn in New England.  I love the tone of this song. I love the carefree vibe, the sense of adventure, the love in the voices.  This is the kind of song that I hope to play for years for my husband, for my hypothetical children.  I can picture myself dancing to it on my hypothetical future front porch. Husband’s giant man hand in my left and a small hypothetical hand in my right.  It’s a pretty picture.  It’s a song I want to share with others who I love.


“Just What I Need” begins with piano and soft vocals.  I love the harmony resting just under the surface of these still, smooth notes.  This song is super romantic and lovely.  It is the kind of song that you sing to someone while sitting on the end of the dock by a still pond at sunset.  Frogs and crickets join in your singing and create a beautiful, movie quality moment forever frozen into your memory. I love it.  It is a beautiful, vulnerable, personal song.  I am so thankful to Mr. Kyle Cox for sharing it with us.


This album is so balanced.  There are love songs, adventure songs, slow songs, fast songs, rock songs, and roll songs.  There is a little bit of country, a little bit of southern dirt roads, a little bit of refinement.  There are loud, excited moments and still, romantic moments.  This album is very reflective of life itself.  I am excited for its release.  It is a beautiful work of art.  Thank you, Mr. Cox.

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