Scarlett Rabe – Scarlett – Power pop perfect for summer celebrations

Scarlett Rabe just sort of jumped off the screen for me when I was surfing SoundCloud for some other artists. But I’ll tell you what, that “who IS this?” feeling is one of the best in the business. Check out her power! Her lyrics are great and songwriting is excellent.

“Battle Cry” seems to be the single from this album that folks know. It’s got a more conventional pop flavor than most of what we feature on this site, but there’s something about it that sticks with the listener. It’s more Kelly Clarkson than some of the softer vocals we usually write about here. But you know what… power pop is good! If you’re looking for a nice beat, “Hitchhiker Heart” will get you going. If you want that cruising jam for summer 2014, try rollin’ to “Top Down, Baby.” It’s pure gold.

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