Stacey Randol

One of my favorite things about Ear to the Ground is the diversity of music I am given the access to immerse myself in. I used to settle comfortably into a niche for a while until my next niche came along. I don’t have time for a niche anymore. We’re moving from glamorous indie rock and roll to gritty roots to the sweet, sweet sounds of Stacey Randol, a girl who never knew what was in store for her, but always found belonging in music. That belonging has taken her all over the world, finally making her home in Nashville, and now it delivers her right into your hearts.

“Fables” is Stacey’s second album. I squealed a bit,looking at the cover-a photo of Miss Randol and some goats. I love goats. I put myself in the mindset to enjoy something that sounded like strawberry picking, this was better. The opening notes thrust me deep into a clear blue lake of sound and echoes of sound. I could look up and see the sun shining, it’s days rippling down on me. Then I remember that I can swim. Randol’s warm voice counts the rhythm. Oh, how beautiful. The melody is catchy and sweet. The lyrics give you visions of landscape, love, and self-discovery.

“Sly Stranger” is a smooth and concise exploration of fables and folklore ending in the moral of not trusting smooth talking strangers. Their lies will make fools of us all. The melody is so gentle, there is a touch of blues, a spoonful of whimsy, and a sweet warning full of care and experience.

“Open Roads” feels a bit country mixed with something glamorous. “So I’m cuttin’ down all the limbs that kept me reachin’ for you. Kept me feelin’ so blue, kept you so untrue.” The lyrics reflect the end of an unhealthy relationship, understanding that you are better off by yourself, you can go anywhere now and the road will never make you stay or commit. I love the evolution of Stacey’s voice. Controlled and soft, then soaring and free.

“How many revolutions does it take to make a change ”? How many of us have felt the desire to step back in time, to experience simplicity. “Take Me to the Country” expresses that desire with eloquence and beauty. If you know me or have read much of my work, you’ll know how much I adore songs which fill me with this kind of wanderlust. There are bound to be some of you who love it too, that bittersweet longing. You should go check it out.

Stacey Randol has a unique sound that does not fit easily into any genre, but dances around between them. Her words are light on their feet and filled with poetic landscapes which will captivate the imagination. As an added bonus, she plays the banjolele which I believe to be an extremely underused instrument. If you like quiet mornings or evenings, dancing in the rain, looking up at the sun from under water, simple pleasures in life, or long drives through the wilderness-you will probably love the music of Stacey Randol. Go check her out and support her work. If you are in the Nashville area, catch a live show.


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