Austin Plaine – Brisk and peppy country music

Austin Plaine has a good, solid Georgia/Carolina sound but there’s a cool breeze blowing through it out of Minneapolis.  This Minnesota boy left for Nashville last year and obviously brought the cool breeze with him. This collection of country songs is a bit brisk and peppy and I love them.  They’re like jumping in the swimming hole while there is still a bit of ice on the edges.

I like “Houston” because it feels like I could clap to it if I had any sense of rhythm at all. I am settling for some toe tapping and unseemly hip movements. The lyrics are adventurous.  It starts with train-hopping (which is illegal, kids) which always makes a great song. There’s a little relational nostalgia “livin’ isn’t livin’ when I’m missing you”. There is a catchy chorus. There are some beautiful memories hinted at but not revealed which is so beautiful to the imagination. There is contemplation of death and love and travel.  I’m sold.

“Love You Well”  made me lean way back in my husband’s computer chair and stretch my legs out, put my feet on the wall. I folded my hands behind my head, closed my eyes, and let out some blissful, if off key, humming. My toes tapped on the wall. I love the little teasing pauses Plaine puts in between the verses and choruses.  I love the whistling.  There is some top knotch whistling involved in this song, if that is the kind of thing which pulls you in.   The guitar is multi-textured, voice is dreamy.  Enjoy this song with sunshine and lemonade.

The final track on the album “Wait” is a little less country, a little more something else.  It has a dreamy, hazy quality to it.  Like the humidity today, but in a good way. The chorus says, “Wait for the storm” which I find fitting, because the end of the haze and humidity is a glorious thunderstorm.  The lyrics contemplate and enjoy life.  I love the back up choral harmonies and the peppy electronic sounds.

This is a wonderful first album.  It would be a wonderful second or third as well.  The sound is excellent, textured, beautiful. The lyrics are deep and relatable.  Check out Austin Plaine if you like country music which has not been corrupted by sexy tractors and whining about your ex.


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