CanadAfrica: Where’s the One? is the one you’ve been waiting for this summer

CanadAfrica. Where’s the One?

Borealis Recording, 2013. (you can hear samples or buy the album here)

So this is a little bit older an album than we typically do- it was released in October of last year- but I’m pretty certain you haven’t heard of these guys yet, and that you really need to hear their sound.  CanadAfrica’s “Where’s the One?” is an album that I heard once and loved like *Wow!* A blend of African roots and Canadian folk-funk make this duo electric even when they’re playing some of the simplest instruments and arrangements put together for a while.  Harmonica, drums, guitar, vocals, and human beat box meld to provide a musical experience that crosses cultural boundaries, and their skill makes the stripped down group seem far larger than it is.  The album has a combination of original and traditional, English and Ga (one of the Ghanaian languages).  Give this group a listen and get ready to dance.

Personnel: Mike Stevens, Okaidja

Tracks:Abifao, Mercurachrome Blues, You Ain’t No Good, Dagarti, Like A Little Bird, Just A Boy, Empty Barrel, Keeping The Mosquitoes Away, Where’s The One?, Colour Blind




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