Passenger – 27

Passenger has a new album out this week and I had no plans to cover it. But it quickly jumped to the top of my priority list when I heard this song. Though there are a lot of albums of review and songs to talk about, this song struck me really hard. Part of that is that I’m 27, part of that is the brutal honesty of Passenger’s lyrics, and part of it is the emotion that seeps through his voice when he sings. THose of us who are in their twenties will understand the feelings of this song and those of us who aren’t will remember what it feels like. Here’s the last verse and the chorus as an example.

27 years, 27 years done
Written 600 songs, only 12 get sung
87,000 cigarettes have passed through these lungs and
Every single day I wish I’d never smoked 1
A week brushing my teeth and a week getting my haircut
8 years sleeping, I’m still tired when I wake up
A whole year eating and I still lost weight fuck
5 proper girlfriends and 5 messy breakups
27 birthdays, 27 new years
30,000 quid, just so I could have a few beers
Ever dying old hopes, ever growing new fears
Don’t know how I’m going, but I know how I’m going here

Don’t know where I’m running but I know how to run
‘Cause, running’s the thing I’ve always done
Said I don’t know what I’m doing but I know what I’ve done
I’m a hungry heart, I’m a loaded gun

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