Wussy- Attica!

Wussy. Attica!

Shake It Records, 2014.


Wussy is another good Ohio band, not exactly new since they’ve been around since 2001, but probably not someone that you’ve heard about before now. They have an exceptional mix of psychedelic and folk wrapped up in their new album, Attica! This album is their fifth, but it’s quite a new trip for anyone unfamiliar with their work. Influenced by John Prine and sounding similar to Buffalo Springfield, Wussy’s sound is not for wusses, as they blast powerful anthems and soulful tunes.

Personnel: Chuck Cleaver (vocals, guitar), Lisa Walker (vocals, guitar), Mark Messerly (bass), Joe Klug (drums), John Erhardt (pedal steel)

Tracks:Teenage Wasteland, Rainbows and Butterflies, Bug, North Sea Girls, Acetylene, To The Lightning, Halloween, Gene I Dream, Attica!, Home, Beautiful

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